One Week Until Census Day

Cat and Dog raising hands 768x666You Count! Your family counts!  Your friends count!  Everyone in the same household counts! Sorry, pets do not count.

By now, most households should have received at least one invitation to respond to the 2020 Census. Responding to the census is important because it helps inform funding for key public services for OUR community like Dinwiddie County Public Schools, educational programs, hospitals and healthcare, roads and bridges, and emergency and disaster response.

Fill out your Census 2020 questionnaire with how many people lives in your home as of April 1, 2020!  It’s confidential! It’s safe! It’s secure! It’s helps get our community money!

Respond to the Census Here

If you complete the survey online or mail in your Census 2020 form in April, you may avoid census takers knocking at your door.  They need to hear from all of us because we all matter and need to be counted!

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